Yoga Poses for Beginners

Are you looking for a new fitness habit to start this year? Aside from the high-intensity programs of Crossfit and circuit training, you can try out a more relaxed yet still effective way of keeping fit and that is by doing Yoga Abu Dhabi Classes.

Yoga can be a challenging and intimidating fitness routine since you cannot be good at it at the first few tries. It is more like a practice that you have to keep on doing for months before you gain your flexibility and really start to notice drastic changes in your body. However, in the first few sessions of doing Yoga lessons, you will immediately feel that your body starts to become more at ease and you will feel lighter because your body has stretched and your muscles are more relaxed.

To know more about yoga before you start, here are a few beginner poses you will surely have to do once you enroll in Anassa.

Bridge Pose

For the bridge pose, you lie down on the yoga mat, keep your shoulders grounded, bend your legs and keep your feet on the floor, and then slowly raise your hips. This pose is very good for strengthening the lower back and core and is easy enough for beginners. Many people doing this pose claim that it is energizing but at the same time very relaxing and restorative.

Easy Pose

The Easy Pose is of course very attainable for every beginner since you just have to sit on the ground, cross your legs, put your arms on your lap and breathe. But don’t let the name fool you. This pose can still be very challenging if you want to make it into an exercise because you need to keep your straight back posture and breathe slowly and keep a neutral pose—that means keeping your pelvis balanced and your sitting position upright.

Cat to Cow Pose

This is another easy and relaxing pose that is also good for the back. You will definitely enjoy this pose when you do it at your yoga classes in Dubai because it is very calming and you feel that you are really getting some nice stretch on your lower back, pelvis, and shoulders.

For the starting position, come down to the ground on your feet and hands. Then as you breathe in, curve your back and push your shoulders in so that you resemble a cat’s body when it is alert. As you breathe out, you relax your back and shoulders again and then push them into a reverse curve where you push up your tail bone and raise your neck and head looking upward and resembling a cow as it looks up with its head. Repeat the cycle for several times until you feel your muscles are lose and you are breathing much better and relaxed.

These are just some of the poses you will have to do in your yoga Abu Dhabi lessons and as your keep on practicing, you will surely learn more advance poses.

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